Luna Nova

Luna Nova started out as a fun little project with my teenage son. Since then it has attracted artists and other programmers to come along and help us realize our initial vision. Much of that was built and internally released with Luna Nova 1.3 which you can see in the video at the bottom of this page.

Since the release of 1.3, we have returned to the drawing board to see what we could do if we retooled our team using professional grade game development tools. What we have completed so far is space movement, weapons, and a shop system. You can play Luna Nova:Combat Simulator by clicking on that link, installing and unblocking the plugin. You can also download a playable windows binary by clicking that link.

With the new work begining on Luna Nova: Combat Simulator, we have also decided to revamp our story telling engine. We will be telling a story like a comic book, but instead of flat panels and frames, we will allow the viewer to zoom down to each frame and then tilt the frame to look around and behind objects to find hidden parts of the story.

Below is the pre-release video of Luna Nova 1.3

Watch on Vimeo

If you'd be interested in reaching out about the game to help out (we need testers, artists, programmers, voice actors, and other randomly interesting people) -- please feel free to reach out to me (Mark McCorkle).